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To maintain your Pulman Parts and Labor, or Full-Service warranty, send us your name, full address, email, phone number, product model, and serial number. Clean filters annually according to warranty agreement.

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With severe smoke from the wild fires in Northern California…with severely unhealthy air quality - so bad that we had trouble breathing inside our house! The PurePro made a HUGE improvement on clean air quality in our entire house!

Benjamin T

We got the Sani for our small dusty study beside our living room, and it’s amazing! The air in the entire home is noticeably cleaner, no more white dust settling on the desks, much more breathable air, no more coughing or congestion.

Caitlin S

The solid piano finish, aluminum top Sani Pro is gorgeous. Completely cleans the whole house, virtually silent on high, a smooth soothing white noise. You do feel a very slight breeze across the house. Definitely cleaning 8.2 ACH.

Samuel C