Pulman Air Pregame Show

The Pregame Show host was seeking a powerful air cleaner to keep the air clean and smoke free over a multi hour live show with constant smoking indoors by large groups of people. After trying multiple Brand Name purifiers, show host Dick approached Pulman Air to join the show, Pulman Air equipped The Pulman Pregame Show with the Wildfire Professional Series. Contributing the Pulman Air Health, and Pulman Air Sani as displays for guests and viewers to admire. The Pulman Air Purifier provides the air cleaners to kill all airborne germs on contact and filter all types of secondhand smoke. Pulman Air Purifiers are live tested and proven weekly to provide clean air for the Pregame Show, an opportunity to show the clean air performance of a Pulman Air Purifier. Watch below to see how effectively the Pulman Air machine works to provide constant clean air in the most demanding environments.

Watch past episodes and highlights below, and join us every Friday live at 9:00pm EST to join in on the fun, participate, and chill, where everyone has a good time!


We’re never smoking outside again!

Connor (Gloom)

It’s working well, I can barely smell the smoke

DJ Sleepless (7 Day Sinners)

We’ve been smoking, vaping, fucking everything; no smoke. That’s awesome.

Matt (Sol Runner)