Health Air Purifier Pro
Health Air Purifier Pro
Health Air Purifier Pro
Health Air Purifier Pro
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Health Air Purifier Pro

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Pulman Air Purifier Health Uses 7Stage Filtration 32oz HEPA U17 Exceeded Prefilter, 240oz Activated Carbon Capturing, 160oz Antiseptic Disinfectant rupturing airborne Influenza, Cold, flu, germs, viruses, and bacteria Cells. Covering 6500 Square Feet, replaces all the air in an average room every 30 seconds (120 Air Changes/Hour). Lifetime washable filters, no filter replacements.

“For an air purifier to be effective, it must be able to consistently draw in enough air to reduce the number of particles containing the virus that persist in the air” James Dickerson, chief science officer for Consumer Reports.

Puppy Kitty Pet Dander Allergy Activated Charcoal Carbon Smoky Health Disinfectant

Possessing an unrivaled combination of style and essence, the Professional delivers an utterly seductive blend of design, Spirit, and refinement to create an Air Purifier that offers both Safety and comfort. Enhanced with the latest technologies that keep you Furnished and Clean.

Pulman Air enhancing the natural air convection of your room by design.

Nicotine Tobacco Marijuana Smoke Activated Charcoal Carbon VOC Smoky Health Disinfectant
Gym Virus bacteria Activated Charcoal Carbon Smoky Health Disinfectant

Pulman Health ensures safety at home

Engineered to Perfection

adorable female Asian child doctor examining female Black child patient Virus bacteria microorganisms Biocides antibacterial
  • Pulman Air Purifier CARB Certified
  • AHAM Clean Air Delivery Rate Certified
  • Pulman Air Purifier PTPA Award
  • Pulman Air Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly
  • Pulman Air Purifier Free Shipping
  • Pulman Air Purifier Easy Returns 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Pulman Air Purifier Made in United States of America
  • Pulman Air Purifier Money back Guarantee

Pulman Air Purifier Health Specifications

Filter replacement: Replacement not required. Lifetime washable. 3-6 months as needed.

ACH (Air Changes per hour): 8.2 times

CADR (clean air delivery rate): Smoke 982, Pollen 791, Dust 768

Activated Carbon: 160 ounces

Antiseptic Disinfectant media: 240 ounces

Weight: 60 pounds

Power Setting silent mode Low: 15db, 400 Cubic Feet per Minute, 1622 Square Feet

Power Setting whisper mode Med: 23db, 1000CFM, 4100 Square Feet

Power Setting breeze mode High: 30db, 1600CFM, 6488 Square Feet

High efficiency particulate filter Size: 1800 Square Inch

High efficiency particulate filter Weight: 32 Ounces

Power: 65-110 watts, 120 volts

Dimensions: 21 Cubic Inches

Coverage: 6488 Square Feet

Fan: 16" jet turbine fan at 13,000 cubic feet per minute

Motor: Hyper performance fractional horsepower motor. 26 rotations per second at continuous 24/7 operation

Air inlet: 360 degrees top of unit

Air outlet: 360 degrees bottom of unit

Case construction: Hardwood sealed with noise dampening coating, piano gloss finish

Foundation: Clear epoxy legs

Tabletop: Styrene 20-pound rating

Warranty: Pulman Air 5-year parts and labor Warranty

Parts and components: Manufactured in the United States

Assembly: Engineered, designed, and assembled in the United States